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Innovation to impact 2023 is the year of partnerships for IMQ Intuity!Today we celebrate the partnership signed with ELIS Innovation Hub for the OPEN ITALY project. OPEN ITALY is a laboratory of co-creation and co-innovation. An ecosystem of companies, innovative companies and young talent collaborate to develop new solutions. The goal is to foster the […]

IMQ Intuity continues to extend its activities across Gulf countries IT

IMQ Intuity, supported by IMQ Gulf, continues to extend its activities across Gulf countries thanks to a valuable partnership with one of the leading IT solution provider in Qatar: Bright Information Systems.

Phishing Kit Aid – Recognize phishing emails to avoid bad surprises

Phishing is an attempted fraud realized by sending e-mails with seemingly legitimate content.
These e-mails are intended to capture the attention of the potential victim, leading him/her to click on links or open any attachment.

Collaboration and Defense. Ransomware, a collective issue

It reconfirms itself in first place, the most feared cyber threat currently by companies. Ransomware continuously evolves by the type of victims chosen, the mode of action and the methods of redemption.

The Dark Side of Hi Tech Devices

The aggressors do not go on vacation, on the contrary, just in this period of frenzy they create excellent opportunities to catch unprepared companies and individuals, the latter, intent on grabbing the best offers for Christmas gifts.

Safer Internet Day. What new risks do we face?

On the occasion of the international days of “Cyberbullying” and “Safer Internet Day”, we want to make known the negative consequences of Internet socio-phenomena.

The Partnership between Intuity and Knowbe4 to create the most effective defense against Social Engineering threats

INTUITY has found in KnowBe4 the right partner to optimize the delivery of its Security Awareness services, offering companies a unique training, optimizing the experience of the individual user along the entire training path.

Coronavirus Emergency: Intuity services to support companies

It is a particular moment for everyone, for us as individuals and for the companies of which we are part.

INTUITY Gold Partner of Waratek for application security

As INTUITY we have always professed to be “independent vendor” and we will continue to do so because our People Centric vision is independent of technological choices: we believe that safety is in the hands of man, while technology is a tool to support it.

Small guide to protect your Christmas purchases from online risks

Not everyone knows that there is an easy and free way to protect your accounts. Two-factor authentication makes it possible to significantly increase the protection of our purchases and our privacy from online risks.

INTUITY tests the security of the myInvenio application by Cognitive Technology

INTUITY tests the security of the myInvenio application by Cognitive Technology. The myInvenio application, which made Cognitive Technology “Cool Vendor” according to Gartner, was subjected to INTUITY’s security tests. 

IT security revolves around people

Eighty-six episodes of RadioAchab, for the SpuntIT column.

Evidence of cyberwar, everyone counts, for better or worse.

Let’s face it, if the cyberwar were this then we can be quite calm, no matter how important and imposing it was, the attack on Dyn is a little more than a show of force, even just for the chosen objective.