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This is not a penetration test.

Perhaps we are hacking you already. The only way to predict it, is to think as your enemy would think.

By embodying the process and using the same techniques of real hackers, we simulate a real attack on your business.
It’s all about using your mind.
Like a real Hacker would do.


Red Team


Surprise attack

Through our Red Team «Business Attack Simulation» service we want to help you understand whether your security strategy is effective in countering a cyber attack of the latest generation, by looking at your company with the eyes of a “hacker”.

By applying the same mental approach and techniques used by real hackers, the Red Team takes you to every aspect of your company’s Security Posture: Network Infrastructure, Application Security, Human Behavior, Physical Security Control e Business Process.

The final goal of this service is to measure the real effectiveness of your defenses and learn how impactful cyber threats could be on your business. You will need to defend yourselves as if it were a real hacking. You won’t know if this is real or not!

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It means Open Source Intelligence. It’s nothing but the process we adopt to gather information about our target.
We run a deep research related to the company and its employees. That’s because we need to learn more about our target, get ready for the attack or define if the company is sharing risky information (vulnerability, documents, critical information, sensitive data). In this phase we use public sources (blogs, social networks, search engines, deep web) and we won’t run any kind of intrusive action towards the client.

Physical Attack

Then, we check if the private areas of your company have restricted access. We do this by trying to hack them.

Infrastructure Attack

We identify and find weaknesses within your digital infrastructure.
During this activity, the Red Team evades the security controls in place, whether they are technological (Firewall, IPS, WAF, etc.) or managed security services (MSS).

Human Attack

Phishing, Impersonation, Baiting. In other words, we exploit human vulnerabilities to get into your company.
This is what happens in the real world. It is called Social Engineering and it’s our enemies’ most powerful weapon.


Red Team


Scenario Based Attack

This is absolutely top secret!

We like to hit companies as a whole, because that’s what hackers do. However, we can also focus on a specific target if you’d like to.
If there’s a vulnerability, we’ll make the most of it.

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