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This is not a drill.

The Blue Team is the real IMQ Intuity defense plan for your company.


Blue Team


The protection strategy

Nope, “password” is not a good password

IMQ Intuity BLUE TEAM services allow you to increase your security and be compliant with standards and regulations.

They allow you to acquire full awareness of the problem and to learn how it affects your reality, to manage all security aspects with a modern and proactive approach and to implement an effective protection strategy.

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Defense Plan

  • Protection

    To correct critical vulnerabilities, reinforce technological aids, monitor risky situations and be ready to counteract.

  • Compliance

    To adhere to required regulations and standards.

  • Awareness

    It means talking to people. Share with them the importance of their behaviors in terms of company’s security.

Hacking Infrastructure

Vulnerability Assessment e Penetration Test

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
We check how technological vulnerabilities can be exploited and what consequences they could have for your business.
We present the results in a clear and concise report, sharing everything you need to know to understand the problem and solve it.

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Web e Mobile Application VA/PT

Vulnerabilities in web or mobile applications (Android and iOS) are one of the most appealing elements for hackers to carry out a cyber attack.

In many cases, developers focus mainly on functional and graphic assets, neglecting security controls. These frequent vulnerabilities often create direct gateways to internal systems and corporate/personal data, with significant repercussions in terms of business, reputation and compliance with the GDPR.

Through the Application Penetration Test services, IMQ Intuity aims to analyze business applications and to detect code vulnerabilities. The tests are performed according to the OWASP methodology for Web and Mobile applications.

Digital FootPrinting

Truth is, it’s hard to protect something you don’t even know you have. Companies change their digital assets very frequently, and that makes us lose control over the whole infrastructure.
With Digital Footprinting, we keep the map of your digital attack surface completely up-to-date in order to ensure total control over your digital assets and their security level.

To learn how to defend yourself from cyber attacks, you must be aware that risks are everywhere…

even outside the company.

Hacking People

Social Engineering

A cyber attack often leverages on vulnerabilities and cognitive distortions of people, focusing on emotional behaviors or lack of awareness. Processes based on exploiting these vulnerabilities are referred to as Social Engineering. The most common hacking techniques are: phishing, baiting, impersonation, smishing.

Here at IMQ Intuity we simulate Social Engineering attacks that take advantage of human vulnerabilities in order to measure the level of internal Security Awareness. Therefore, we carve out the appropriate training program to address each business need.

Security Awareness

IMQ Intuity training services are conceived to create awareness of any cyber threat within the company. Our clients learn how to recognize the most common hacking techniques and to keep a high level of attention while using tools and softwares.

IMQ Intuity offers both in-class and e-learning training sessions. The program and the topics can be decided after a preliminary assessment that evaluates the level of internal awareness.

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Hacking Defence


This is for companies that want to equip themselves with a process of detection and management of IT incidents or who wish to extend the coverage of existing services, including visibility at the endpoint level (PC and Server), mobile devices (Laptops, Smartphones and Tablet) and Cloud systems (AWS, Google, Microsoft and others).

The service allows to increase visibility and control over what happens in the company. It gives you the tools to promptly react, prevent damage and comply with the most common security standards such as: ISO27001, GDPR, PCI DSS.

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Security Assessment

Our specialists provide a general and super-partes assessment about the management of corporate IT security. Then, they offer a corrective plan, depending on the current level of risk.

The IMQ Intuity Security Assessment is provided according to the CIS and ISO 27001 model. It allows you to obtain an initial assessment of the company’s maturity level in terms of IT security.

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Threat Intelligence

IMQ Intuity constantly monitors the evolution of cyber threats. Aligning customers with existing and new cyber phenomena and keeping them updated on new security technologies is a key aspect of our services.

Thanks to constant research about new cyber threats and risk analysis, companies are able to develop more effective defense projects and processes for their business needs.

Technology Solutions

IMQ Intuity selects the best technologies for its customers, to be integrated with their Defensive Security services.

Each proposal is preceded by an assessment activity. This is an essential prerogative to identify the most correct, effective and specific solution in order to deal with each business’ own risks and vulnerabilities.

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