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Red Team / Blue Team


Operation D.R.E.A.M.

Things are getting juicy, aren’t they?

Cyber Security is both necessary and ambitious.
We have a dream that has become our mission:
“To help you achieve security, is to help you win this battle.”
D.R.E.A.M. is the code name of the mission.
You, the Red Team and the Blue Team will be the creators!

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A cultural shift, for a safer company

Explore the D.R.E.A.M. timeline
  • 01


    Highlight the gaps in your company’s IT security process, with the aim of encouraging the shift.

  • 02


    Share results to motivate the team, asking them to play a more active role in terms of cyber threats protection.

  • 03


    Improve the knowledge and the awareness about IT security, involving every member of the company.

  • 04


    Increase the levels of protection by introducing new tools and processes.

  • 05


    Check the improvements and increase the capability of Detection & Reaction. This is key in order to trigger a continuous improvement process.


Red Team


Red Team

IMQ Intuity’s Red Team helps the client understand the main threats for the company, as well as how harmful they can be for the business.

Through a simulated hacking action, we understand the real extent of the risks and we’re able to define an efficient plan to prevent and correct.

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Blue Team


Blue Team

IMQ Intuity’s Blue Team allows clients to empower their IT security systems from a technological and cultural point of view. Also, they ensure compliance to security standards and laws.

The Blue Team helps with gaining awareness about possible threats, about the impact they have on the business. It shares the necessary know-how to manage every security related aspect and how to implement the right protection with a proactive approach.

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