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Vulnerability Management

  • Rapid 7

    Rapid7 solutions help companies identify the risks they are exposed to and define a remediation plan focused on the real level of severity.


  • Invicti

    Invicti solutions provide the most accurate and efficient DAST solution for devops/devsecops teams to discover and protect all the applications that run their organizations.


Security Awareness

  • Knowbe4

    It is the reference leader for its offer of Security Awareness services and aims to improve the most important line of defense of the corporate context: its employees. It gives companies the opportunity to use one of the best Security Awareness platforms for phishing attack simulation and staff training on topics ranging from cybersecurity to compliance.


EDR and Managed Services

  • Spear Tip

    Speartip is a cyber counterintelligence company that protects customers from cyber threats through both proactive and responsive services. It helps organizations identify cyber risk and vulnerabilities and provides comprehensive, continuous, end-to-end protection.


  • CrowdStrike

    Protect your business from the most advanced threats with the most advanced technology on the market.


Threat Intelligence

  • SpyCloud

    Constantly monitor the presence of sensitive information on the web and the dark web, to take action before it can be used against your organization.


  • IntelligenceX

    Protect your business from the latest threats with the most advanced technology on the market


Identity Management

  • Fudo Security

    Fudo Security products allow you to monitor user activity with access to critical resources, help companies manage password policy, and warn of suspicious behavior.


  • LastPass

    Is the logmein solution that allows you to store and manage your passwords in a simple and secure way. It is a password manager where your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level and stored in your safe, where they remain secret and not accessible even at lastpass, as they are not sent to its servers.