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Vulnerability Management & Tools

  • Rapid 7

    Rapid7 solutions help companies identify the risks they are exposed to and define a remediation plan focused on the real level of severity.


  • Invicti

    Invicti solutions provide the most accurate and efficient DAST solution for devops/devsecops teams to discover and protect all the applications that run their organizations.


  • Blood Hound by Specter Ops

    An Attack Path Management solution that continuously maps and quantifies identity attack paths in Active Directory and Azure.


Security Awareness

  • Knowbe4

    It is the reference leader for its offer of Security Awareness services and aims to improve the most important line of defense of the corporate context: its employees.


  • INE Learning

    A training platform that puts real-world infrastructure first. Learn from experienced instructors and demonstrate your knowledge in networking, cybersecurity, cloud, and data science.


  • Secure Code Warrior

    A platform that guides developers to security by teaching them the skills needed to defend their organization through a secure code.



    Comprehensive e-learning for business team training. Strategic approach, active learning and gamification. Possibility of selection of different earning paths and multilingual complete paths.


EDR and Managed Services

  • Spear Tip

    Speartip is a cyber counterintelligence company that protects customers from cyber threats through both proactive and responsive services. It helps organizations identify cyber risk and vulnerabilities and provides comprehensive, continuous, end-to-end protection.


  • CrowdStrike

    Protect your business from the most advanced threats with the most advanced technology on the market.


Threat Intelligence

  • SpyCloud

    Constantly monitor the presence of sensitive information on the web and the dark web, to take action before it can be used against your organization.


  • IntelligenceX

    Protect your business from the latest threats with the most advanced technology on the market


Identity Management

  • Fudo Security

    Fudo Security products allow you to monitor user activity with access to critical resources, help companies manage password policy, and warn of suspicious behavior.


  • Yubico

    Yubico’s security key series combines hardware-based authentication, public key encryption, and FIDO2/ WebAuthn and FIDO U2F protocols to eliminate account acquisitions.