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About us


We challenge your cyber security.

Before your enemies do it.

There’s this book we’ve read some time ago, stating:
“Security is not a technological challenge,
If that were the case, technology would have won it a long time ago.
Security is a challenge for people, a social and organizational challenge. It is a cultural challenge.”
That’s when our mission came to life.

In every battle, you have rules.

Here is our code of ethics, a few guidelines, yet very clear.

Download our code of ethics
  • Diversity

    We’re unique in our approach and vision.

  • Respect

    A value coming from within, reflecting on our clients.

  • Ethics

    We will never do anything to harm our clients.

  • Authority

    Everything we do is based on our skills and experiences.

  • Motivation

    Our work is useful. And we strongly believe in it.

  • Support

    Everything is based on mutual help.


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There’s nothing artificial in our intelligence.

Or, better said..

First of all, our team is very passionate about the job and equipped with a tactical mindset.