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Moves not to repeat at home (valid even if it is not World Password Day)

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Not World Password Day

In today’s hybrid world, oscillating between analog and digital, cybersecurity has become a top priority for users and businesses.

Protecting our sensitive data and online privacy not only requires the adoption of robust security practices, but also a great deal of awareness and commitment.

Building the Culture of Computer Security

The World Password Day, which usually takes place every first Thursday in May, offers us an important reminder: Cybersecurity is not a topic that can be reduced to a single day a year; Similarly, choosing passwords is not a game, but a continuous challenge towards complete awareness.

Using personal information to compose our passwords not only endangers our sensitive data, but risks triggering a chain reaction by damaging all accounts that are part of our digital identity.
Here are some of the moves we should never take when it comes to creating secure passwords:

But why should this information not be used on passwords?

The names of loved ones and our pets, our birth and residence information are easily available for those who have access to our social profiles. Using them as part of our passwords increases the risk of our credentials being tracked down by the unauthorized. Moreover, such information is very predictable and therefore more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Attackers in fact use automated tools that (with techniques known as Brute Force or A Dictionary) starting from personal information found by social networks and other public accounts, try common combinations of passwords until you find the right one.

Building the Culture of Computer Security

Building a culture of cybersecurity requires constant commitment and awareness, so we can’t afford to drop our guard at any time. Every day we have to adopt the best practices of cybersecurity (use of strong passwords, updating security settings, enabling two-factor authentication, etc).

All this, however, is not enough. We say it often, but it is good to repeat it:

“Security is not a technological challenge,
If that were the case, technology would have won it a long time ago.
Security is a challenge of people, a social and organizational challenge.
It’s a Cultural challenge.”

*People-Centric Security: Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture – Lance Hayde

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