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BLACK TEAM – Physical Attack

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Physical Attack – This time we chose an unusual color, symbol of authority and security in fashion as well as in cyber security. Because of this communicative power, the emblem of our new service is black: the Black Team is born.

With the Black Team, we make sure that your company’s restricted areas really are. To do this, we use the simplest method we know: we try to get into it.

As this is an undercover mission, for the moment we cannot reveal any more details. Very soon, more cards will be revealed…

In the meantime, we wish you all a peaceful Easter!

Red Team Physical Attack https:///www.intuity.it/red-team-blue-team/red-team-exercise-simulation-attackco-al-business/

With our Red Team «Business Attack Simulation» service, we want to help you understand if your security strategy is effective in countering a latest generation cyber attack, looking at your company with the eyes of a “hacker”.

Embodying the mental process and using the same techniques as the real attackers, during the execution of a Red Team we will explore all aspects of the corporate Security Posture: Network Infrastructure, Application Security, Human Behavior, Physical Security Control and Business Process.

The ultimate goal of the service is to measure, through the cyber attack simulation, the real effectiveness of your defenses to know the impact that these threats could have on the business.

You will have to defend yourself as if it were a real attack, you will not know if it is us or a real attacker!

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