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IMQ Intuity, a company that deals vertically with cybersecurity, is composed of two complementary souls with the common goal of helping its customers understand the Cyber Security problem, how it impacts their business and how to effectively address it.

The Red Team: group focused on the implementation of cyber attack simulations.

The Blue Team: group focused on improving the safety posture of companies.

Ethical Hacker Job offer
The candidate for the position of Ethical Hacker pentester RedTeamer will be placed in the “Red Team” group and will be involved in the specific activities of this group. Some of which are:

Cyber Attack Simulation – Red Team engagement
Penetration Test – Network, Web, Mobile, iot, WiFi
Emergency Response
Social Engineering

The professional, according to his skills and business needs, may be involved:

in the implementation of technological solutions proposed by IMQ Intuity
in Vulnerability Assessment activities
Threat Intelligence activities
ricerche OSINT

Hard Skill

Already acquired knowledge of Penetration Testing and Social Engineering tools and techniques.

Technical certifications such as: OSCP, eWPT, CRTE, OSEP or parity are preferential requirement.

Other industry certifications are welcome.

Soft Skill:

They are required, ability to work in groups, ability to relate to people, ability to expose the results of the activities conducted, both orally and through the drafting of reports and documents. Desire to learn and try new things. Passion for the topic.

The workplace: Padua office

What we offer: IMQ Intuity is characterized by a dynamic and serene working environment where the rule of respect and collaboration applies. The fee is commensurate with the candidate’s experience. The training and the related personal certifications are borne by IMQ Intuity and are part of the continuous improvement path that has always distinguished our way of working.

Only profiles in line with the requirements will be evaluated. Please only apply if you think you have all or a good part of the requirements.

For other job offers, see our page https:///www.intuity.it/category/work-with-us/