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PURPLE TEAM TRAINING – Sharing different perspectives

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Purple Team Training – In the real world those who defend never know who, when and from where they will attack. For this reason, the Purple Team was born, to show you how we attack you in real time sharing different perspectives: those of those who attack and those of those who defend.

The aim is to take advantage of the problems detected (on physical infrastructure, IT, processes and people) during the Red Team attack simulation activities and share them with the Blue Team, while transforming them in awareness and shared culture.
In particular, the Red Team will explain the dynamics of the techniques used and will describe to the Blue Team the corrective approach to the findings.

Simulating an attack, the Red Team shares in real time with the Blue Team the “when and how”
of offensive action.

An ongoing dialogue between Blue Team and Red Team and a common goal: to transform critical issues into shared corporate awareness and culture.

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