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Innovation to impact

2023 is the year of partnerships for IMQ Intuity!
Today we celebrate the partnership signed with ELIS Innovation Hub for the OPEN ITALY project.

OPEN ITALY is a laboratory of co-creation and co-innovation. An ecosystem of companies, innovative companies and young talent collaborate to develop new solutions. The goal is to foster the culture of open innovation.
The project was born within the ELIS Consortium: a consortium that has been carrying out projects for 30 years to promote #development and #innovation. It has 95 large companies, SMEs, universities and research centres.

Who is OPEN ITALY ELIS https:///open-italy.elis.org/it/page/chi-siamo-storia-2023-en

Elis Innovation Hub – OPEN ITALY
From this ecosystem was born the ELIS Innovation Hub, an innovative start-up that operates in the fields of training, innovation, business consulting and business acceleration.

5 Drivers of innovation

The areas around which innovative projects and programmes are assessed:

  • Ecosystem and culture of innovation
  • Absorption capacity and knowledge management
  • Open Network and Valuable Partnerships
  • Scaling and funding model
  • Shared value and sustainable development

The perimeters of innovation

Our perimeter of action within the project is that of Privacy & Cybersecurity. The goal is to identify innovative solutions in the security of corporate information systems. Develop skills and knowledge that build a culture of cybersecurity.

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