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IMQ Intuity is selecting candidates for the role of Ethical Hacker / Red Teamer for the Red Team.

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Needless to say, although the offer is agreed to the male, it is intended for anyone without distinction of sex, religion, etc.

Are you interested or do you know someone who might be interested?

There is no greater satisfaction for an ethical hacker than being able to attack a company. Use all your skills and imagination to overcome those defenses that every company implements and hopes are enough.

It’s the challenge of every day, to show that you are better and not only that, to constantly improve, to make others, the customer and their colleagues better.

This is the essence of the role of Red Teamer!

You will then be placed in the “Red Team” group and will be involved in all phases of the service:

  • Attack on the IT infrastructure;
  • Social Engineering;
  • Physical access.

When necessary, involvement in other activities such as, but not only:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test;
  • Consulting;
  • Customer support in Emergency Response processes;
  • Provision of training courses.
  • Hard Skill: knowledge already acquired of the tools and techniques of Penetration Testing and Social
  • Engineering.

Specific certifications (OSCP, CEH, eWpt, and the like) are preferential requirement.

Soft Skill: ability to work in groups, ability to relate to people, ability to expose the results of the activities conducted, both orally and through the drafting of reports and documents. Desire to learn and try new things.

The office is in Padua.

Occasional trips to Italy and abroad are planned.

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