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Let’s meet at GISEC Global 2022 – IMQ Intuity

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Middle East Event

Cybersecurity conference Dubai – As the region’s largest information security platform, GISEC presents industry, government and thought leaders with the opportunity to come together to tackle the most impending threats, issues and countermeasures amongst a global taskforce of security professionals.

With the ever-changing global landscape, it is increasingly essential to strengthen cybersecurity across industries. GISEC Global offers a platform for key industry leaders and names to come together in order to stay ahead of potential threats, discover innovative strategies and remain secure from major disruptions.

GISEC Global is the leading gathering ground for the cybersecurity community worldwide. Top cybersecurity enterprises from 40 countries, CISOs from major corporations across the Middle East, Africa & Asia, government dignitaries and cyber leaders, regional and international innovators and global experts came together to decisively lead cybersecurity transformations across sectors and nations.


#GISECGlobal 2022 | Dubai 
Let’s discover the opportunities this second day will give us, in bringing our #cultural point of view regarding #cybersecurity.

Doors open at our stand #C10Dubai World Trade Centre.
We will give you the chance to take a look into the #future, to understand what might happen in the event of a #cyberattack.

Let’s meet ad stand C10Dubai World Trade Centre (21 – 23 March 2022).

Let’s meet ad stand C10, Dubai World Trade Centre (21 – 23 March 2022).