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Coronavirus Emergency: Intuity services to support companies

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It is a particular moment for everyone, for us as individuals and for the companies of which we are part.

The need to work from home has forced many companies to activate, sometimes in a hasty manner, methods and tools to allow remote access to company data and infrastructure, focusing, rightly, on the need to activate and make reliable connection from home.

We are also aware that this situation exposes companies to a huge risk, already significant before, but that in this period could have unsustainable consequences precisely because it is more difficult to manage: suffer a cyber attack, fall victim to ransomware, suffer a credential theft or any other illegal action that may be facilitated by the contingent situation.

For example:

  • Users working in unattended environments
  • A reduced, if not absent, presence of the IT department in the company
  • New systems and configurations activated to cope with the emergency
  • Consolidated rules and procedures necessarily “suspended” or revised

Now that the IT situation is stabilizing, it may be appropriate to spend some time reviewing what has been implemented and correcting at least the most serious issues.

We, as INTUITY, provide companies with our professionalism in this second phase, offering our free support so that this problematic period passes without further complications.

These services to support companies that we offer free until the end of April:

  • Computer security support available through the following e-mail address: emergenza-covid@intuity.it
  • Vulnerability Assessment towards systems and applications activated to promote Smart Working.
  • Activation of the  IN.SIGHT service for the monitoring and detection of security anomalies for remotely used PCs.
  • A webinar aimed at users to raise their awareness of cybersecurity, especially in this period.

Write to emergenza-covid@intuity.it for more information.

We have created a Vademecum containing some simple and practical tips to work from home with serenity and safety. Consult it and share it with your colleagues.