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Cybersecurity 2019: how did it go this year? The considerations and the results, from the point of view of the attacker

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In this historical moment, what are the most relevant cyber security issues for companies?

To this question, INTUITY has given itself an answer taking back the results of the activities of simulation of attack computer conducts during 2019. Observing them not only from a qualitative point of view, but especially from an analytical point of view: the data collected by INTUITY in this 2019, on a significant sample of organizations of all sizes and sectors of activity, Objectively photograph where and why the problem of cybercrime still feeds inside Italian companies.

Therefore, hoping they will be a good omen and a help for 2020, we want to share with you the results of our research and the data to which we turn our attention, so that they can be a starting point from which to start, to address cybersecurity in your company more consciously in the coming year:


Look at the infographic taken from our research