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INTUITY Gold Partner of Waratek for application security

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As INTUITY we have always professed to be “independent vendor” and we will continue to do so because our People Centric vision is independent of technological choices: we believe that safety is in the hands of man, while technology is a tool to support it.

However, we test and use different technologies; some of these become fundamental tools for the provision of our services, others are proposed to value for our customers, especially when we find these characteristics:

  • They respond to a problem that we also believe is crucial to cybersecurity.
  • They are not proposed as the final solution, but focus vertically on a very specific issue.
  • They have a new approach compared to others who treat the same problem.
  • Propose a viable solution, both from a technical and economic point of view


Waratek and its solutions respect all these characteristics and for this reason INTUITY is proud to have become its first Italian Gold Partner.

Based in Dublin and Atlanta, Waratek shares the idea of INTUITY that, after the human factor, the main vulnerabilities used by cyber crime are attributable to web applications.  Waratek’s solutions and products aim to keep business applications safe and up to date by enabling you to:

  • Patch Java and . NET applications while maintaining the continued usability of applications (Waratek Patch).
  • Protect your business from OWASP Top Ten, SANS Top 25 and other types of attacks (Waratek Secure).
  • Update unsupported versions of Java without having to modify the original application (Waratek Enterprise).

The Waratek solution, compared to traditional web application firewalls, approaches application security differently, providing them with effective protection against known vulnerabilities and a continuous update, All without having to modify a single line of application code and without causing any disruption.

In 2017, Waratek was awarded the best security software solution by CSO Online and won the RSA Innovation Sandbox Award.

“Because of Waratek’s solution the attacks were immediately stopped, and the solution automatically alerted us to the attempt.  All of the hacker’s malicious scripts failed, which took us to a new level of confidence. The Waratek Runtime Patch is providing the protection we need, better and faster than we ever thought possible.”
Healthcare IT Chief Information Security Officer

Waratek is part of the INTUITY solution offering in the context of Blue Team services and goes alongside the other technological solutions already present in the portfolio: