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Even Santa has fallen into the trap of Phishing!

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Some Simple Tips to Recognize a Malicious Phishing Email and Become an Elf Helper

In Finland, in the small village of Rovaniemi (directions), Santa Claus and his Elves receive millions and millions of letters and work hard to please all the children of the Earth. In this period the work is really a lot, between letters and emails it is very hard to find time even to eat a Kalakukko, Santa’s favorite dish (here you can find the recipe), or watch an episode of Roba, the most followed TV series by the Elves and Santa Claus (if you want to understand what he talks about here you can find the trailer).

Rovaniemi is a very quiet village, full of trees and animals and there live 60,707 people, of which 893 Elves: the helpers of Santa Claus.

How do you become an Elf helper? It takes at least 99 years of experience and you have to have an Arctic license to drive a sled, in short, not a piece of cake!

Recently was introduced in the difficult and long path to become Elf helper a test, made mandatory even for older helpers: the C.C.C., ie the Cyber Claus Certification, an assessment on the ability to recognize among the many e-Even the malicious Phishing emails.

This new certification was introduced when, following the opening of a malicious email, Christmas was compromised a few years ago and made unhappy millions of children. It was a disaster!

But what are the basic rules of Santa Claus not to fall into the phishing trap?

Here are some:

In short, becoming Santa’s helpers might take too long, but knowing how to recognize a phishing email requires only a little attention and a little awareness.

If you would like to receive some further suggestions for you or your company, or if you would like to find out about our training services and our approach to the Safety Culture, you can contact us at info@intuity.it.

If you are ambitious and aspire to the C.C.C. certification of Santa Claus this is his address: info@santaclausoffice.com. Still hard to believe? This is the link to his site, now he too has become Cyber.

Merry Christmas & Be Aware Of Cyber Risk!

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