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EyePyramid: neverending story

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“Dialogue over maximum systems 2 – EyePiramid”

EyePyramid is a magnificent example of how man is already at the center of the cybersecurity challenge, for better or for worse.

Both as a victim and as a defender.

The attack started (as it often happens) with phishing emails = an attack aimed at people.
The attack is over (as rarely happens) with a user reporting an anomaila = user as a defense.
Maybe all this wouldn’t have happened, or at least it wouldn’t have lasted for so long,

if there had been a more widespread Culture of Security,

where those who notice a problem know that they must report it, those who receive a report know that they must investigate it,

where everyone has the minimum knowledge to identify what can be a problem and what not,

where, if someone mistakes and reports his mistake, he is not penalized but rewarded.

Where there is widespread awareness that cybersecurity is a problem and will be more and more and the most efficient weapon we have to defend ourselves is the sharing of information and the involvement of everyone, at all levels.