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Business & Breakfast: Cyber Security

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Business Attack Simulation is the key.

Due to its strategic importance in UAE, Dubai is recognized internationally as one of the main hubs for technological and digital innovation. In this context, cyber security is a key sector in which the city is investing significantly. On May 29, we will be guests at the Business & Breakfast: cybersecurity event in collaboration with IFZA and the Italian Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates.

The main topics will be:

  • The adoption of proactive strategies: Red Team Attack Simulation as a tool to identify infrastructure, physical, procedural and human vulnerabilities.
    IMQ Intuity, through the intervention of Claudio Bracci, will underline how testing activities can help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in systems and infrastructures, thus reducing the risk of future damage to the #business.
  • The exploration of the legal roadmap that SMEs are adopting to defend themselves against #cyberattacks, namely the integration of legal frameworks with cyber security strategies.

Register here https:///lnkd.in/dPx545HM

IFZA Italian Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates IMQ Gulf Yungo Law

Find out more about Business Attack Simulation:

Through our Red Team «Business Attack Simulation» service we want to help you understand whether your security strategy is effective in countering a cyber attack of the latest generation, by looking at your company with the eyes of a “hacker”.

By applying the same mental approach and techniques used by real hackers, the Red Team takes you to every aspect of your company’s Security Posture: Network Infrastructure, Application Security, Human Behavior, Physical Security Control e Business Process.

The final goal of this service is to measure the real effectiveness of your defenses and learn how impactful cyber threats could be on your business. You will need to defend yourselves as if it were a real hacking. You won’t know if this is real or not!

See more details here: https://www.intuity.it/red-team-blue-team/red-team-exercise-simulazione-di-attacco-al-business/

IFZA Italian Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates IMQ Gulf Yungo Law

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